GPU mining,profitable or not

Why don’t use GPU to mining Cryptocurrencies?

There are a lot of article saying that “GPU mining not profitable” or “dont ever try GPU mining”.Is it really that bad? or it is not? find out here


Gpu mining , furabit
GPU mining


We all agree when it comes to budget,this is the most important thing to look much your budget and how long you will have your money back always been the most asked question just can’t mining faster without proper terms of Cryptocurrencies mining there is called “hashrate”.this is how fast you can mine Cryptocurrencies on internet.better GPU give Better Hashrate,but better GPU dont always come with More expensive price.


as for comparison:

when mining Ethereum there is top 3 mining hardware which is:

-AMD HD 7990 have 44 mh/s with 175 watt

-R9 Fury X have 33 mh/s with 275 watt

-GTX 1070 have 30 mh/s with only 100 watt


now for profit and the price of GPU itself:

AMD HD 7990 can generate 0.00979 ETH with 0.5$ powercost per day it.makes 2.5$ profit (price 450$)

R9 Fury generate 0.00734 ETH with 0.7$ powercost per makes 1.46$ profit(price 450$)

GTX 1070 generate 0.00668 ETh with only 0.2$ powercost per makes 1.76$ profit(price 550$)

*electricity cost 0.12$ per KW/h

*GPU price from


it makes you realise higher Hashrate dont always give better profit.

when R9 Fury X give you better hashrate than GTX 1070,but give less profit because power consumption.


Keep it cool

You heard me right!

You must keep it cool all the time or you can find your GPU falling apart not too long from you start mining.There you must come with solution on it,because even GPU have fan it self,its not quite enough as GPU often made to gaming,not mining. here is the solution that we choose for you

1.outside of the box

we highly recomended you to put your Mining GPU outside of it case.So air circulation will be much better and GPU wont heated up so fast

2.extra fan

we all know GPU have fan itself,but is it enough? nope

Buy extra fan for your GPU and set it up to blow heat off from you will keep it cooler all day and all time.dont ever think twice to buy extra fan because it cost you extra money,because it safe your GPU from falling apart.


3.Alaska baby

Oops,in this point i dont ask you to bring your GPU to alaska,instead the enviroment of your Mining RIG

extra fan can give you better GPU temperature control but it wont effect so much if the enviroment it self so hot.control temperature of your room so it wont so high and if you can,make it cooler.


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