Cyptocurrencies New Record

Cryptocurrency Trading Volume & Market Cap Chart from CoinMarketCap


24hr Record of Cryptocurrencies just hit the new record,last time Cryptocurrencies market goes so high in august 19 with 10 Billion USD and nearly spike  10,5 Billion USD.but on September 14,it reach 11Billion USD just in 24 Hours.

Top Coin Traded

Chart from CoinMarketCap


Bitcoin reach the first place topped the chart with 4 Billions USD and followed by Ethereum and Litecoin.

September Closures

Friday’s trading volume surge was caused by market volatility stemming from China’s crackdown on bitcoin exchanges. Yesterday, the markets crashed following reports that a bitcoin exchange ban was “certain” and BTCC’s subsequent announcement that it would shut down all trading services at the end of September. The markets continued to plunge Friday morning as Huobi and OKCoin were rumored to be meeting with regulators and two smaller exchanges–Yunbi and ViaBTC–also announced September closures.


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