50% Discount for Lifetime Payout



Discounted Shares,HALF PRICE for lifetime Payout

ready to get paid? here we go

What is Shares?

FuraBIT release 10.000 Shares for everyone to buy.But,what is it for?

10.000 Shares stand for 50% of FuraBIT assets.This mean 50% of FuraBIT Revenue from trading,client and sponsors goes to 10.000 shares.

example : if you have 1.000 shares and FuraBIT made $ 30.000 Revenue in one year.You will receive  

it will give you $ 1.500 a year

And you know whats better ? this will increase every year and forever.You will get more and more.

Invest Once,get Paid Forever

Contact us for further information here

email : support@furabit.online

skype : support@furabit.online

+62 882 1328 2600

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